Outdoor Bred is NOT the Answer

pigs-and-sow-free-rangeThe piglets in that picture look pretty happy right? Why shouldn’t that happiness continue for their whole lives? There’s an argument that outdoor bred pork is more cruel than factory farmed. Pigs are intelligent animals with long term memories. After they’re taken and put into pens for the rest of their lives, they would remember what it used to be like. Horrible as it is, at least those born to those conditions would not know any other life. The ones that had that taste of freedom might be suffering even more.

Sow stall free and outdoor bred pork come from pigs that were kept indoors. The terms only describe the way that the mother sow lived, and say nothing of the life that the pig you are eating actually lived. In most cases these pigs were kept in factory farm conditions from the age of four weeks. And yet we pay a premium for this? This pork invariably costs more than factory farmed, but it’s almost the same product. This has to stop. Join me in boycotting these faux free range products.

If you care about animal rights and you want to be ethical, then buy real free range. Pigs deserve good lives. You’re already paying extra for outdoor bred so pay just that tiny bit more and put your money to good use.

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– Robin


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