There’s No Free Range Bacon??

I was shopping online and was horrified to find that both Coles and Woolworths no longer sell free range bacon. You can still get free range pork, albeit from only one supplier, but the fact that there is no ethical choice for bacon, one of the most popular meats, is shocking to say the least.

Now if you’re shopping at the two big supermarkets, your only choices are “sow stall free” or factory farmed bacon. These are basically the same thing. This is not okay. There are dozens of varieties of free range eggs in every store. This is fantastic, but we need choices for pigs as well.

If they’ve stopped selling free range bacon, it must be because enough people weren’t buying it. It costs more, but you have to ask yourself what is a life worth? I bet if you were confronted with the pigs that live in factory farms – if they were standing, suffering right in front of you – you would be willing to pay the extra $2.50 to allow them a life of open pastures and sun.

The fact that we can’t conveniently access free range bacon any more really throws a nail in the works of this campaign. It will take extra effort, but shop around and find a butcher or supermarket that DOES sell free range bacon. It is worth it for the end result. Pigs are intelligent animals that don’t deserve a life of suffering.

Shop around, enact change with your wallet and let the big supermarkets know that we WILL buy free range if we’re given the option. If the day comes when they restock the free range bacon, I want to see the shelves empty by the end of that day.


– Robin


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